Hello there!

Fact: first dates can be a somewhat awkward affair. Do you go in for the handshake, a bum-out hug, a kiss on one cheek (and leave the other person hanging when they go in for the second)? Talking to a complete stranger over £12 cocktails is probably the least natural way of getting to know someone, not to mention pretty unoriginal.

When you’re fortunate enough to be living in a city where there is always so much to see, do, explore, eat and drink, it seems a shame not to make the most of it.

We’ve delved into every corner of London to find cool/fun/quirky/romantic things to do and the result is this blog – Like A Date. From becoming a street artist for the day to bombing down the Thames in a speedboat and everything in between, our mission is to give you a fresh dose of date inspiration.

Happy dating!*

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*We are firm believers of “sistas before mistas”. Most of these dates are also applicable to mate dates.