24/7 Views At Duck And Waffle

Drinks after work? Boring. Show your date a little originality and take them up the Heron Tower to Duck and Waffle.


If you’re an early bird or a night owl, it doesn’t matter. The restaurant and bar are open 24/7 so you can go first thing in the morning for breakfast, for a civilised coffee or during the afternoon for cocktails at sunset. Or for drunken-dining if you’ve reached that stage of the date…


But feasting on duck and waffle at three in the morning isn’t the best thing about this resto. To get there you zoom up to the 40th floor of Heron Tower in the City, and dine with a sky-high view. Like the Gods.

We went for breakfast and as I’m not a massive duck fan, I steered clear of the eponymous signature dish and went for the safe nutella and banana waffles.


My date ordered the beans on toast, again pretty standard (a.k.a. boring), I thought. But the restaurant works on an eclectic ethos. They added bacon jam to the beans, mixing sweet and savoury, and cooked the waffles deliciously soft and glazed the bananas in honey.

Check out the results. Beautiful. Almost unrecognizable.


Considering the location and kick-ass view of the Gherkin, the menu is surprisingly good-value with breakfast starting from around £8.

Cocktails and drinks are a bit more, but you won’t be shooed away at midnight. During the day they serve sharing platters and main dishes such as mussels and rib-eye steak.


Booking in advance is necessary unless you’re strolling in at ridiculous o’clock.

Date factor: first date, 100th date

Price: £12 for cocktails, breakfast from £8

Getting there: 5-minute walk from Liverpool Street station

More info: duckandwaffle.com


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