All Hands On Deck

If you’ve ever been to Borough Market and followed up the visit with a stroll along the Thames towards Tate Modern (if you haven’t, consider this post two dates for the price of one), you may have come across this ship:


I’ve walked past it countless times and not once did it occur to me that it might be more than just an old galleon docked there for tourists’ photographic pleasure.
Once a month, the Golden Hinde (why yes it even has a name) plays host to Jazz Nursery, whereby up-and-coming jazz artists do their thing. I recommend getting there about 30 minutes before the music starts so that you can bag yourselves seating space on the upper deck. Note that I’ve specified “seating space”: there aren’t actually any seats, but this space is the best in the house as you’re literally right above the musicians. Of course there are also regular benches on the lower deck for those who don’t like their concerts with a side of pins and needles.


This is definitely the quirkiest music venue I’ve come across in London, well worth it if you’re looking for something chilled out, romantic and a bit different.

Date factor: great for first dates, 100th dates, cheap dates
Price: £8 on Y Plan, drinks from £5
Getting there: 5-minute walk from London Bridge
More info:


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