Sunday Roast At The Abbeville

If I were ever on Death Row, my last meal would be a Sunday Roast. No question about it. One of the best I’ve had in London was at The Abbeville in Clapham and if you’re looking for a cosy date place – or a mates date option – I’d wholeheartedly recommend it.

IMG_5284.jpgThe restaurant has a buzzy atmopshere without being too noisy and the portions are pretty generous. You’d think, but not according to my Irish date who actually yes, stereotypically, asked for “more potatars” please. “I only got two, and everyone else has trrree”.

Well he’s not to blame, they were gorgeous (goose fat and semolina gorgeous).

I usually go for the pork belly just because of the heart attack-inducing crackling but there’s also beef and chicken on the menu. Yorkshires cost an extra £1 but you’re getting every penny worth – check out the size of them.

Unfortunately I was a bad Asian and didn’t take that many photos – I was too busy shovelling – but take my word for it. It’s a great Sunday Roast date place.

Date factor: day date, double date, mates date

Price: £25pp with wine

Getting there: 10-minute walk from Clapham South tube

More info:

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