Speed Down The Thames

Education meets thrill seeking. This was a date I absolutely loved and would highly recommend. It’s not your traditional, touristy river cruise.

At Rib Tours London, you’re invited to make like James Bond and speed down the Thames on a rib, while also indulging in a mini history lesson at the same time (fear not, it’s not your usual Henry VIII had six wives lesson).

Start by heading to Festival Pier on Southbank where the boats are docked. You’ll be met by a friendly guide who will ask you to strap on your lifejackets and board the rib.

For the first few minutes the boat will travel down the Thames at a steady pace until you get to the Tower Bridge, where it’s allowed to turn up the knots, speeding along making daredevil turns and bumps.

The thrill part of the experience lasts for about 20 minutes, before you return to Southbank. On the way back, this is where you’re guaranteed to learn a lot of new things about your city.

The guides are funny and dish out tons of entertaining trivia about landmarks along the river you see every day – the Oxo Tower, the Houses of Parliament, the Monument tower.

It’s refreshing to see London from a boat and admire all the buildings that are rich in history, and you’ll come away with facts you’ll actually remember.

Sailing away into the sunset? No this isn’t it… it’s a whole lot better.

Date factor: 100th date, day date

Price: £33 for 50-minute ride

Getting there: 5-minute walk from Waterloo station

More info: ribtourslondon.com

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