Our Top 5: Skylines

Pretty much every Londoner has their favourite viewpoint of the city. Mine is the walk across Waterloo Bridge: in one direction you have The London Eye and Houses of Parliament, in the other you can see St Pauls and the City just beyond. However, I don’t think your date would be too impressed if your grand plan for the day consisted of walking across one of London’s busiest bridges.

Luckily there is no shortage of great spots to take in London in all its glory. Whittling this down to just 5 was a challenge, but hopefully we’ve captured a diverse range. So, in no particular order:

1. Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill
A classic – a cliché some might say – but this little mound at the top of Regent’s Park is still one of my favourite London viewpoints. If you’re as unfit as me, there’s some satisfaction to be had in simply reaching the top, and the stunning view when you turn to face London feels like a mere added bonus. Treat yourself to a drink afterwards at The Princess of Wales, a nearby pub with a Banksy-style mural in the outside area.

2. Frank’s Cafe

Franks Day Skyline
From the amount of places Frank’s keeps popping up on Like A Date, you’d be forgiven for thinking we’ve bought shares in the place. Not the case – Frank’s is just genuinely one of our favourite London spots, largely thanks to the amazing view it affords. Being so far out of the city, London’s landmarks appear neatly lined up in front of you as you sip on your ice-cold beer/cider/chosen poison.

3. Sky Garden

Sky Garden
Another one that we’ve banged on about on Like A Date, Sky Garden really is a crowd-pleaser when it comes to London skylines. As well as the 360 view of London, the building itself is one for the architecture fans. Advanced booking required, but if anything that just demonstrates to your date how organised you are (and everyone knows “organisation skills” are a close second after “good looks”).

4. Aqua Shard

Shard Cocktails
Being too financially-sensible (or stingy) to pay £25 to go to the top of a building when I can go halfway up for free, Aqua Shard specifically (rather than The View from The Shard) has made it onto the list. Seeing as the Shard is so tall anyway, the view from the 32nd floor can’t be too different from the top floor (or so I keep telling myself). Yes cocktails are expensive, but they are very tasty and get you more drunk than a ticket to the top floor.

5. Emirates Air Line

Emirates Air Line
I love a bit of word play, but that’s not the only reason the Emirates Air Line features on this list. Slightly left-field, slightly random location, but this cable car ride is genuinely one of the cooler London experiences I’ve had. Obviously I can’t really recommend trekking to Royal Victoria just to ride a cable car, but if you happen to be heading to the O2 anyway, take a detour via the Air Line and float your way to your concert.

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