Play Date At Petersham Nurseries

The second or third date may usually call for a “day date”. Maybe you’re feeling more relaxed around each other and don’t want to go straight into boozing? Maybe you want to venture out of Zone 2 to somewhere off the beaten track?

Petersham Nurseries in Richmond is your answer. It’s easy to get to but is nothing like central London, so feels like you’ve ventured away for the day.


It isn’t actually a nursery but a garden centre. Garden centre I hear you cry – no thanks! This isn’t your ordinary garden centre though. It’s home to a romantic cafe and teahouse where you can have a meal or like us, a tea and slice of cake.

The menu is focused on organic, healthy fare like Portland crab salad and white dover sole, but we opted straight for the desserts – mouthwatering marble cake and decadent chocolate cake (gluten free!). And a carafe of freshly squeezed apple juice.


You can take a romantic turn around the garden and greenhouses and admire all the pretty flowers. We bought a strawberry plant for a few quid, and yes it did yield about twelve strawberries.

Petersham Nurseries is also big on interior design and has cool and quirky furniture on sale, if a little on the dear side.


Date factor: 100th date, day date

Price: Free entry, cakes and coffee from £5

Getting there: 10-minute bus ride or scenic stroll along the river from Richmond station

More info:




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