Top 5: Sunday Roasts

At risk of sounding old, one of the best ways to spend a Sunday is by whiling away an afternoon at a pub with a delicious Sunday roast. We’ve searched the capital high and low for the best out there, and in the name of keeping everyone happy, we’ve identified our favourite from every corner of London (but our South London bias kicked in once again and we picked two from the better side of the river).

1) The Truscott Arms, Maida Vale

Picking the top spot was like Sophie’s Choice, but Truscott Arms edged it way to the top for overall amazing-ness, right down to presentation. Each person orders whichever meat they want, but all meat is brought on one board, with all trimmings served on another. Not only is this serving method extremely photogenic (see above), it also allows for easy sharing – deciding between beef or lamb is an issue of the past as far as The Truscott Arms is concerned. Tip off: the lamb is served three ways. Just sayin’.

2) The Abbeville, Clapham

We feel like traitors putting Abbeville at no. 2, but really it’s pretty much joint first as far as we’re concerned. In fact, we love it so much that it gets its very own feature right here.

3) Hawksmoor, various locations

Famous for its steaks, it’s a little-known secret that Hawksmoor also does an excellent Sunday roast. Needless to say, beef is the only option, but if anything that’s a blessing as it eliminates the horrible choice of which meat to go for. Their USP (aside from top-quality beef) is roasted elephant garlic that accompanies the roast, so soft that it smears onto the beef as if it were alioli. Admittedly not particularly date-friendly, but trust us when we say: when it tastes that good, you’ll gladly forgo the kiss.

4) The Rose & Crown, Fulham

This is a bit of a hidden gem that we almost came across by accident. Tucked away on a residential street in Fulham, this pub actually has one of the nicest beer gardens I’ve come across in London. The roast is really delicious, but it’s the overall experience – beautiful setting, relaxed atmosphere, and friendly staff – that makes The Rose & Crown an ideal date spot.

5) The Castle, Tooting

Another one with a great outside area, The Castle is worth the trek to Zone 3. In summer the outdoor huts are the perfect place to drink away a Sunday afternoon. If the weather isn’t playing ball, the pub itself is huge and has a great vibe. The highlight of their roast has to be the larger-than-life Yorkshire puddings.



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