Go Underground at Chislehurst Caves

There aren’t many day trips that lend themselves to bad weather. Braving the rides on Brighton Pier is best saved for a sunny day, so if you want to get out of London when the weather isn’t playing ball, head down to Chislehurst Caves.

A 25-minute train ride from London Bridge, Chislehurst is just another commuter belt town, with the exception of their fascinating caves. Dating back to Anglo-Saxon Britain, the total cave network spans 6 hectares but the main entrance is conveniently close to the train station. Chislehurst Caves have had a varied past, from becoming a bunker in WWII to being used as a concert venue throughout the 70s.

Chislehurst Carving

You’re not allowed to wander around unguided (and you really wouldn’t want to) but luckily tours run regularly throughout the day. The tour gives a colourful picture of the caves’ past, including a ghost story or two.

Chislehurst Lanterns

This definitely tops my list in terms of unique date ideas, and you don’t need to be a history buff to get into the stories shared on the tour.

Date factor: great for 100th dates, day dates, double dates, mate dates, cheap dates
Price: £6 for 1-hour tour
Getting there: 25-minute train ride from London Bridge
More info: http://www.chislehurst-caves.co.uk/



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