Penis Drawings For Adults

Warning: this date requires an open mind and some level of maturity.

Life drawing classes have popped up all over the capital recently, and it’s understandable to see why. If you can get past the mental block of having to draw a naked stranger, life drawing is a surprisingly enjoyable experience.

You don’t have to be an artistic genius to go along to life drawing classes, and the teacher will always gladly give you tips on how to improve your technique (or in my case, teach basic technique).


The class that we attended was at Waterloo Action Centre, which was perhaps on the more serious end of the scale (read: no booze), however there are a number of boozy alternatives which are perhaps more recommendable for us life drawing virgins, particularly for those earlier stage dates. The Exhibit in Balham offers life drawing classes with a glass of wine every other Wednesday, and Hackney Wick Life Drawing Society even allows you to BYOB.


Date factor: great for 100th dates, cheap dates, mate dates
Price: £7-10 for 2-hour session
Getting there: various locations all across the capital
More info:

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