#WineWednesdays Tasting

This is one of the best drinks dates you’ll find for Hump Day.

Every Wednesday, Unwined in Tooting holds its afterwork wine club where you can enjoy up to six glasses of vino (with a bit of cheese) for just £15! Better than an overpriced cocktail in Soho.

The hosts Kiki and Laura invite a wine expert to lead the tasting sessions, which range from focusing on a certain wine region/country to a new trend in the grape world.


When we went, the focus was on modern Greek wines. No Sauvignon Blancs or Pinot Grigios in sight.

Steve Daniels, aka Mr Greek, guided us through the glasses (three white followed by three red), explaining the origins of each tipple and the different characteristics.

You’re given a sheet of paper listing all the wines so you can make your own geeky notes – plus a map to see where the wines come from.


The sessions are informal and relaxed, with guests sitting around two big tables. This is perfect for a second date or the early stages of dating, as you’ll never be short on conversation. The wines are an ice-breaker and the perfect talking point, with Steve dipping in and out with his explanations.

By glass three, you’ll have eased well into the session. To add to the sophistication, our hosts brought out cheese boards to nibble on. Hurrah.


Unwined is a wine shop and kitchen by day but in the evenings, it’s a wine bar. It stays open while the rest of Tooting Market closes, so is a little tricky to find.

You have to climb through a secret door in the shutter of the main entrance (at 21-23 Tooting High Street) – but don’t let this put you off. If anything you’ll score more date points for originality.


Date factor: great for cheap dates, 100th dates, mates dates, double dates

Price: £15 for a two-hour session with six glasses

Getting there: 5-minute walk from Tooting Broadway station

More info: http://agrapenightin.co.uk/tickets/ 


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