Meet Frank

When I first moved to London four years ago, Peckham wasn’t the place you’d take a date (no offence Peckham). It probably still isn’t on a lot of people’s radar for the best date spots but one of my favourite watering holes is in Peckham, right by the overground.

Say hello to Frank’s Cafe – a rooftop bar situated at the top of a disused car park that is only open during the summer.


Six levels up the car park you’ll find some of the best panoramic views of London. The surrounding areas may not be the prettiest sights you’ve seen, but the city’s iconic landmarks like the Shard, the Eye, the Gherkin and more, looking particularly photogenic at dusk, make the trek to Peckham worthwhile.

Given the nature of the space, there’s room for hundreds of people to stand, sit and drink comfortably without getting all hot and bothered. You’re looking at a good casual date or a mates date!


The bar area does get busy though – you’ll probably have to wait around half an hour for drinks as we did, and the beer did temporarily run out at one point, but be patient.
Wooden tables and benches line the bar where you can have snacks like olives, hummus, barbecued plantain, or for the more adventurous, ox heart kebabs.

If you want a comfortable seat, arrive early, but if you’re happy to sit on the ground as most people do, there’s a lot of space to choose from.


The decoration is minimal – a random car parked in the middle and a colourful sunglasses display in another area, but you’re really going for the 360 degree view of London.

Frank’s Cafe is open all day (day drinking, yes please), and I’d suggest arriving before 6pm to avoid the queue to get in.

Date factor: double dates, mates dates

Price: Free entry, £5 for a drink

Getting there: 5-minute walk from Peckham Rye overground

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