An Intimate Gig + BYOB

If the answer to the above equation = A Perfect Night to you, then you’re in for a treat. Sofar Sounds is a global movement which brings the magic back to live music, and it’s taken London by storm.

The beauty of Sofar Sounds is in the simplicity of it all. Gigs have grown to become synonymous with booking tickets months in advance, battling your way through crowds to be able to even make out the outline of the act, and paying too much for Carlsberg served in a plastic cup – and all of this is detracting from the experience of live music.


Sofar Sounds keeps music at its core, and as such all of its events are held in intimate spaces that aren’t primarily gig venues… which often means you’ll find yourself sitting on the floor. The gig we attended was hosted in Mary’s Living & Giving charity shop on Upper St, which has a great range of vintage clothes, but most memorably, a wooden floor. Obviously this isn’t the most comfortable of settings, but there is actually something quite refreshing about sitting on the floor watching a performance, perhaps because it evokes memories of schooldays.

Sofar 2

The most important part, as I’ve mentioned a couple of times, is the music. There are 3 acts who each perform 4-5 songs (with a shake-a-leg break in between each act), and at the event we attended, all three acts were outstanding. Three very distinctive styles, all equally brilliant. You find yourself transfixed by the music, and we were genuinely sad when it came to the last song of the evening.

When I said the most important part was the music, I lied. For me (and most of the UK population), the most important part is the booze. Sofar has a wonderful policy of BYOB, which allows for a cheap and boozy night in a truly romantic and intimate setting. Date nights in London don’t get much more original than this.

Sofar Logo

Date factor: great for 100th dates, mate dates, cheap dates
Price: £12pp for 2-hour gig, BYOB
Getting there: various locations across London
More info:


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