Underground Wine Bar

Arranging a casual “meet up” in a public toilet? No, we’re not that kind of site!

WC Clapham is one of my favourite wine bars in London and it happens to be in a disused loo… it gets better…. underneath a tube station. Actually it’s a “100 year former water closet” according to the bar’s official website.

Now I understand why some people may be reluctant to spend a penny (couldn’t resist) in what was essentially an old toilet, but the owners weren’t pissing about when they took on the renovation project (I’ll stop).


The bar is really quite tasteful, very charming and full of character, and isn’t at all an embarrassing place to take a date. There are old hints that it used to be a water closet like the white tiles, the glass ceiling, the railings topped with wooden crates where I assume the cisterns used to hang.


It’s a very cosy place to have a little tête-à-tête, while the bigger booths are perfect for mates dates.

Wine will be the focus of your visit, with only the finest bottles from France, Spain, Chile, Argentina etc on the menu. There’s also beer and cocktails for the non-oenophiles.


I always thought WC stood for Wine and Cheese (the dream!) but the C actually represents Charcuterie. And thank God the menu isn’t just limited to cheese (although the baked mozzarella wrapped in herbed pork shoulder, and any of the cheeseboards for that matter, are paradisiacal).

The tapas-style dishes are modern and creative and may sound simple, but they work so well. Hot artichoke dip? Incredible! Sausage and pancetta cassoulet? Dreamy!


The only bad thing about WC? They only take walk-ins, unless you’re a group of five or more.

On Sunday and Monday nights the bar also hosts live music.


Date factor: great for first dates, 100th dates, mates dates
Price: £25 for a bottle of wine (approx)
Getting there: Clapham Common
More info: http://www.wcclapham.co.uk


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