Hole in One

Looking for a semi-active date with a bucketload of fun on the side? Miniature golf is the answer!

Impress your date and make like Rory McIlroy with a visit to Putt in the Park. The miniature golf course, located in Battersea, is one of the most fun ways to while away an afternoon.


The course has 12 holes with tunnels, jumps, bridges and water features where you can show off your golfing skills… or lack of!

But the best bit? You can drink while you putt, with bevvies on sale at the cafe.


When we visited on a Saturday afternoon it was heaving. We grabbed our putts from the cafe and were told it would take about an hour and a half to make our way through the course, which it did.

But the time passed quickly and while waiting for your turn, you can charm your date with all those golfing terms. Birdie, albatross, banana… move over Rory.


Or you can stare up into the sky and thank your lucky stars you aren’t one of the Go Apers battling with the wind and trees on their ‘urban jungle’ course.

Add a little competition into the game and keep score. Oh you wanted to know who won? Looks like that would be Player 2. ME.


You don’t have to book in advance to play mini golf, just turn up, which is ideal if you’re not a forward-planner. And there are also branches in Wandsworth and Acton.

Light sport, flowing drinks, golf chat… what more could you want?


Date factor: great for day dates, cheap dates, 100th dates, mates dates
Price: £9 to putt
Getting there: Battersea Park
More info: www.puttinthepark.com 





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