Emojify Your Night

I love emojis. At my last birthday party, emojis were a big feature (including emoji cushions that I received from a friend who knows me too well) – so when I heard that an emoji menu had landed in London, I had to go see for myself.

Little Yellow Door is a hidden-away bar spitting distance from Notting Hill Gate tube station. It’s been around for a few years now, but only this summer – with the launch of their emoji menu – did I feel the urge to check it out.


As you climb the narrow staircase of this townhouse-converted bar, you do feel a bit like you’re entering someone’s home. The decor is very kitsch and on the Thursday evening that we wandered down, the place was buzzing without being too packed out.

But enough of the niceties. You’re reading this because you want to hear all about the emoji menu. I was skeptical at first, thinking “what on Earth could they serve if they’re only speaking in emoji?” My lack of imagination had me believing that the menu would consist solely of burgers, fries, pizza and hotdogs.


The staff were super friendly and sat with us briefly to explain the concept. I surprised myself when I instantly guessed the cocktails on the menu (though in hindsight, with emojis and booze being my two specialist subjects in life, I should have known this would come naturally to me). As for the food, have a look and see if you can work out what was on offer:


The gimmick continues through to ordering, with a mobile number at the bottom of the menu which you can send your order to. However, the emoji experts amongst you will have noticed that some of those emojis (e.g. salad bowl, baguette) aren’t part of the standard package. Therefore, we ordered the good old fashioned way, via human.

The food was genuinely very good, and at £15 for two courses and a cocktail (albeit a weak one), it’s a great option for a cheap, fun date.


Date factor: great for first dates, 100th dates, mates dates, cheap dates
Price: £15 for two courses and a cocktail
Getting there: 1-minute walk from Notting Hill Gate tube
More info: http://thelittleyellowdoor.co.uk/



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