Cocktail Making à la Breaking Bad

Yo, Bitch! Arrive 15 mins before your cooking time YO and keep it all hush hush.

That’s how my confirmation email came through, telling me I had successfully booked a slot at the Breaking Bad-inspired cocktail bar. I’ve never watched Breaking Bad before, so didn’t get all the YO references…


But regardless of whether you’re a fan or not, this is a cocktail-making experience you can’t miss. It’s original, creative and helps break the ice if you’re still getting to know someone.

As I’d never watched the series and was trying to keep it a surprise for my date, we couldn’t find the actual pop-up… But it’s so easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for – a massive camper van, just like in the show. A guy wearing a Los Pollos Hermanos apron also gives the game away.


We were welcomed into the “lab” and given a “cooking station” and told to put on our bright yellow boiler suits. Crystal meth I mean dry ice enveloped the camper van. The details were lost on my date though.

“So, why the yellow suits?”


The penny dropped when he looked at the menu. Drinks are aptly named after characters, such as the Jane, the Walter Jr. Breakfast (which comes with a bowl of Rice Krispies) and the Mr Wallabee.

We were given a welcome mojito to start, with an injection of blue booze and then told to order two cocktails which are included in the price of the experience. You can always order more in your allotted two-hour slot at an extra cost.




They explain how to cook up each cocktail with all the different acids, chemicals and potions, and serve them in conical flasks, beakers and the like. (That’s as far as my Chem GCSE takes me).

Each drink has a different “cooking” process – the ones that involve dry ice are the best!



The pop-up is here until mid-November, but we’re hoping it comes back again next year…



Date factor: great for first dates, 100th dates, mates dates, quirky dates
Price: £30 per person for two cocktails plus welcome drink
Getting there: 10-minute walk from Bethnal Green
More info: