Hole in One

Looking for a semi-active date with a bucketload of fun on the side? Miniature golf is the answer!

Impress your date and make like Rory McIlroy with a visit to Putt in the Park. The miniature golf course, located in Battersea, is one of the most fun ways to while away an afternoon.

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Paint The Night Away

When I was 10 years old, my mother thought it would be a great idea to send me to painting classes. My first piece – a lion next to a tree that was only slightly taller than the lion – is still the subject of many family jokes. Needless to say, my confidence in painting has been knocked, so when my date suggested Pop Up Painting, I was skeptical.

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Speed Down The Thames

Education meets thrill seeking. This was a date I absolutely loved and would highly recommend. It’s not your traditional, touristy river cruise.

At Rib Tours London, you’re invited to make like James Bond and speed down the Thames on a rib, while also indulging in a mini history lesson at the same time (fear not, it’s not your usual Henry VIII had six wives lesson).

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Get Graffik

If you’re the type of person who likes to do something “active” (in the non-dirty sense) on a date, Graffik’s street art workshop might be your bag.

Graffik is primarily a small gallery in Notting Hill specialising in urban art, but on weekends they offer us common people the chance to become street artists in their graffiti-ed workshop round the back of the gallery.

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