Meet Frank

When I first moved to London four years ago, Peckham wasn’t the place you’d take a date (no offence Peckham). It probably still isn’t on a lot of people’s radar for the best date spots but one of my favourite watering holes is in Peckham, right by the overground. Continue reading


Top 5: Museums & Galleries

My inner geek loves nothing more than hitting up London’s best museums and galleries on weekends. We’re so fortunate that the majority of them are free, and some are also home to great coffee date spots, such as the V&A Cafe (which is so stunning that it even gets its own post). 

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Our Top 5: Skylines

Pretty much every Londoner has their favourite viewpoint of the city. Mine is the walk across Waterloo Bridge: in one direction you have The London Eye and Houses of Parliament, in the other you can see St Pauls and the City just beyond. However, I don’t think your date would be too impressed if your grand plan for the day consisted of walking across one of London’s busiest bridges.

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